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Cathy Jenkins

Charleston, SC  Cathy Jenkins creates yummies™, which is her unique brand of contemporary art glass jewelry, home decor, and accessories. Seriously fun eye candy, Cathy's 3-D creations blend vivid colors and fresh bold designs. Her art glass evokes a happy spirit and timeless joy. Cathy finds inspiration in Charleston's natural beauty and dazzling sunsets.

About the Art


Inspired by nature, Cathy hand cuts strips of glass, which she layers to create organic shaped bowls and candleholders.


Cathy pairs geometric shapes with delicate details in her designs. Her art is kiln-fired for a durable, glossy finish. It is food safe.


Wearable art, unique, colorful glass belt buckles and yummies pendants punctuate outfits as fashion statement accessories.

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Cathy Jenkins, CJ Yummies™

Charleston, South Carolina

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